The good old days.

​Sometimes I wish I could just be a little kid again,  So when life gets hard, I could just play pretend,  I want to go back to when cartoon network was the place to be,  And my dad was the only boy I had ever kissed.  I miss the days when true love did exist, … Continue reading The good old days.


Fresha’s these boys are lying to you!

I was a freshman just an year ago, am now in my second year and trust me,I know what am saying.Being a freshman especially in a new environment can be quite difficult particularly if you have no one to show you around campus and have not found the ideal bed-sitter or single room yet.Meaning other … Continue reading Fresha’s these boys are lying to you!

Fitness Monday.

Being uncomfortable with your body because you feel you are too big really kills your self esteem.This can affect a huge part of your productivity directly or indirect. So how do you keep fit by losing some of that nasty fat? Over the holiday i really gained a lot of weight almost 5kgs in just … Continue reading Fitness Monday.

Why i started blogging.

Hey guys!Welcome back to my blog,it has been quite a while since i last posted but am now back.A while back someone asked me why i started blogging and i kinda paused for a minute to think about it.I literally could not come up with a valid reason.Was it to improve my CV, make me … Continue reading Why i started blogging.


We just started our exams so posting on a daily basis is proving to be very difficult. But nevertheless today i managed to squeze out a little time to write this.  Believe in yourself, You have probably heard this a lot of times that it has probably lost its meaning. But i have heard an … Continue reading ​BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! 

Am broken!

Ever had the feeling that nothing is really going your way? That you can't figure out exactly what you doing with your life? whether your future is really going to be bright? or you just going to be some pointless person somewhere? Honestly i can't quite find purpose for my life right now. I can't … Continue reading Am broken!

My HIV test experience

First i want to apologize for not posting yesterday as i had promised,but i did get to have my HIV status checked.To be honest,that test put the fear of God in me.I was so nervous to go alone so i requested my roommate to do it with me. Immediately  we were both done with our … Continue reading My HIV test experience

sponsors over campus boyfriend’s

You are probably wondering whether i have lost my morality and sanity.To answer your question,NO am still hella sane.However my topic today is contradictory to the society's view of  what's right.In any case, Isn't what's right just what the majority decide's? Let me give you a brief comparison of a campus boyfriend and a sugar … Continue reading sponsors over campus boyfriend’s

Don’t hate me because am gay,hate me because i stole your girlfriend

So yesterday i got quite a response on my article Is it OK to be gay ? last article Some comments on Facebook and whats app gave me quite the chills,but i still stand on my opinion.Being gay is not a crime. Here are some of the comments i got; So what about religion, the … Continue reading Don’t hate me because am gay,hate me because i stole your girlfriend