Am broken!

Ever had the feeling that nothing is really going your way?

That you can’t figure out exactly what you doing with your life?

whether your future is really going to be bright?

or you just going to be some pointless person somewhere?

Honestly i can’t quite find purpose for my life right now.

I can’t tell whether am living right or not.

whether the choices am making right now will lead me to that bright future sooner than later in life.

Am overwhelmed by emotions,sometimes i can’t tell whether to

love,hate or assume certain things and people in my life.

I don’t want to be ignorant but then again i don’t want to be naive either.

I don’t want to live by society’s definition of right and wrong,but then again i can’t  risk society thinking am wrong.

I want to take a chance and love  but i can’t be sure that i won’t be mercilessly broken AGAIN.

I want to know what true love feels like still i don’t know whether am  confusing a lesson for a soulmate.

I want to be honest about my feelings with my friends but i can’t because i don’t want to be judged,so i end up holding in this emotions that tear me up.

I want everything to be perfect,from my studies,family,relationship and future.

But life doesn’t work like that.We have to go through this tough times so as to learn(so they say).We can’t always get what we want.And though it hurts a lot ,what should’ve happened happened.Who should have left left and whatever’s blown you of course will always bring you to where you need to be.

Life can’t be perfect my darlin’

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6 thoughts on “Am broken!

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