We just started our exams so posting on a daily basis is proving to be very difficult. But nevertheless today i managed to squeze out a little time to write this. 

Believe in yourself, You have probably heard this a lot of times that it has probably lost its meaning. But i have heard an encouter that has made me think twice about the statement. 

Today, we had a class where we were presenting our group assignments and my friend and I happened to represent our group.For those who may not be aware, i am a mass  communication student and its a field that requires a lot of courage and Continue reading “​BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! “

Am broken!

Ever had the feeling that nothing is really going your way?

That you can’t figure out exactly what you doing with your life?

whether your future is really going to be bright?

or you just going to be some pointless person somewhere?

Honestly i can’t quite find purpose for my life right now.

I can’t tell whether am living right or not.

whether the choices am making right now will lead me to that bright future sooner than later in life.

Am overwhelmed by emotions,sometimes i can’t tell whether to

Continue reading “Am broken!”

Fighting HIV stigma

HIV related stigma and discrimination-this is  when people who are infected with the virus are seen as unacceptable to the community and negative attitude is directed to them making them feel unwanted.The effects of stigmatization are wide range.Some people are shunned by their families,peers and the wider community,while others face poor treatment in healthcare and educational settings, erosion of their rights, and psychological damage.This all limits access to HIV tests,treatment and other services.

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The fear surrounding Continue reading “Fighting HIV stigma”

My HIV test experience

First i want to apologize for not posting yesterday as i had promised,but i did get to have my HIV status checked.To be honest,that test put the fear of God in me.I was so nervous to go alone so i requested my roommate to do it with me. Immediately  we were both done with our classes we set off to the schools’ VCT center(was free BTW)and at the time i was breaking out a cold sweat ,my head over thinking about the situation. Continue reading “My HIV test experience”