Know your weed!

Weed,God’s gift to the world.If used wisely,brings peace.Easier to get if under 21.That sticky-icky that makes you high but doesn’t give you a reason to shoot your friend with a gun that you got from your parents bedroom(that’s bad parenting not pot).

That holy herb that has been proven safer than alcohol and cigarettes.Using pot rather than cigarette is a step to the right direction people!

I mean why drink and drive when you can chong and fly?

Have decided to write about that ‘African black’ today because most teens are using it and figured they should actually be informed fully before buying the product,its part of being a good consumer.

So what about that broccoli?As a weed buyer,you need to know whether that *shit* is good or nah!lady-smoking-marijuana-high-vagina-lube

I found this blog,hailmaryjane,that has an article on  12 Ways To Know If You Bought Good Weed or Bad Weed.Here is an highlight:

  1. Look for lots of crystals. The more the better. If you can look at your weed closely and see lots of crystals in it, it’s a safe bet that you are going to be pretty high soon. Make sure you catch the extra crystals in a 4 chamber grinder.


  2. Shouldn’t be too dry. Good weed is not going to be dry or feel like it’s been sitting out in the sun for too long. If there is no stickiness or it just crumbles as you break it up, that is probably not a good sign. If it looks like this, you bought some bad shit. Keep your weed from getting dry with glass jars.


  3. Lots of sticks and seeds is never a good sign. A few here and there are to be expected but if you have an excessive amount of sticks and seeds, that is a PROBLEM. Not only for the fact of you having to sort through all them but the fact that you know that the quality of the weed you just purchased isn’t the best.
  4. It should be green. Certain other colors are acceptable too but mainly it should be green. You can also find good weed they has hints of purple, orange or red and you can usually bet that it is going to be pretty good. Brown weed is NOT an acceptable color.


  5. Potency of the smell is a key to figuring out quality. Dank weed smells just like the word says, dank. Sometimes it will be so strong that you can smell it through the bag. You might need to invest in smell proof baggies or better yet, get a vaporize for under $100. Next time you have some weed, take some time to smell it and figure out what exactly good weed smells like. It is hard to describe but if you have bad weed it will usually have a very faint or no smell. Not good.
  6. Shouldn’t be too wet. Just like dry weed, if your weed is soggy that is not good. Even if its dank it will affect the way it breaks up and you don’t want that, especially in these hard recessionary times. We need to stretch the weed as far as we possibly can.
  7. Really leafy weed is not a good. Usually if you get sold weed that happens to be really leafy, that means that it is just a lot of fluff. It usually won’t break down well or be able to really be stretched out at all.
  8. Look for hairs. Those little hairs on the end of your weed are like gold. If there are a lot of them then that is gonna be some great weed.


  9. Avoid bullshit dealers. I can’t emphasize how important it is to have dealers you can trust. If you have a guy that consistently has good stuff, hold on to him as long as you possibly can (not literally).  Check out this guide on the traits of good dealers if you don’t know one when you see one.
  10. It should feel sticky when you break it up. There is a reason why rappers always brag about having that “sticky icky icky.” Stickier weed that is harder to break up will always get you way higher than that weed that just crumbles as you break it up. Ack. Can’t stand that.
  11. Sometimes there is no way to tell until you smoke it. It’s a sad truth but sometimes you will never know whether or not the weed is good until smoke it. I have had weed that I thought was going to be magnificent based on all the tests above and it turned out to be horrible. On the other hand I’ve had weed that I smoked, expecting for it to have little or no strong affect and it turned out to be GRRRRREAT!!! Sometimes that’s just the way it goes. Use a smoking device that is effective.
  12. Experience counts for a lot. The reality is there are going to be times that you buy weed that sucks and times that you buy great weed.  The more and more you buy it, the better you will become at figuring out what is what.  Be patient, pay attention to what you buy and if you are a new weed buyer don’t make it obvious or else you will get taken advantage of.

Other than that i also found all slang names given to marijuana,i can’t type all the names here so am going to attach a link to the website and you can view it weedblog

Please leave comments and let everyone know how you know when you bought good or bad weed.Image result for hashtags related to weed



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