sponsors over campus boyfriend’s

You are probably wondering whether i have lost my morality and sanity.To answer your question,NO am still hella sane.However my topic today is contradictory to the society’s view of  what’s right.In any case, Isn’t what’s right just what the majority decide’s?


Let me give you a brief comparison of a campus boyfriend and a sugar daddy then you tell me whether i ain’t being reasonable.

This is an article i got from the standard newspaper by Ivy Aseka,

campus man.

The campus man has off-late proved to be the worst creature alive.This men are very full of themselves,strolling around campus with their dirty un-combed hair,ripped jeans and sagging sweatpants.

You see them on the highways proudly walking with their cheap boxers showing and rapping to MIGOS shaking their hands like langsford and calling that dancing,Meanwhile,the female population is walking around campus with baby-bumps that the baby daddy’s won’t own up to.

The current campus man treats the condom as a myth.”Nitamwaga nje’ ‘they say. That is the devil’s trap. He will tremble and shake like a broken washing machine, lose his senses and deposit instead of withdraw. He says abortion faster than he says protection and turns the girlfriend into a pill-popping human.
The campus man chews loudly and thinks he is cool, just because they call him ”bruh”.
He is loud, obnoxious and very opinionated; mostly on matters under the skirts.
He will tell you which female has the best ‘rack’ but cannot tell you the Sustainable Development Goals.
In the evenings, you will find him in groups, mumbling while coming up with game predictions. Of course, he doesn’t make correct predictions, not with a rice-sized brain. The little money parents send for sustenance eventually goes to the big daddy, read betting firm.
The modern campus man is a drug-peddler. Nothing is too shady for him. He knows no limits. He will prostitute for a blunt, beg for a shot of vodka and resort to ass-kissing for coital pleasure.
On the weekends, you will find him and his boys living only once. Money will be blown as they chase beauties. He will wake up on Monday, full of regret and slowly walk his lotion-scented self to class.
He will post photos on the gram, captioned “Turn up was lit.” Meanwhile, his pocket and bank account is anything but ‘lit’.

standard newspaper…ivy aseka

sugar daddy.

Like a genie – he may be a little old, but if a girl rubs his lamp, he’ll grant her wishes.

Like  a gentleman he will offer to pay your bills,do you shopping,take you out and maybe even buy you a car in exchange for sex.He is mature,experienced and very understanding.Cheating is the number one reason relationships fail but with an older man you won’t have to worry about this since this is a mutually beneficial relationship.Both of you reap the benefits of the relationship,You want money and he wants sex.period!Jealousy from either parties is not expected.

OK!Saying that all sponsors are rich is a stereotype and a cliche.That’s like saying  “all john’s are rich.”Fact is,it doesn’t matter how rich he is but how poor she is.All she needs is basic needs like food,cable TV,clothes or a place to live till she gets back on her feet etc,and if the man can provide this small items then well and good.

@ Mr Mzangila,This sugar daddy obviously was in campus at a certain time of his life,him too was one of the drunkards poorly kept campus boys,but now he has cleaned up his act and earns tones of money.So while you wait for your campus boyfriend to clean up his act,that might take a decade sorry to say,don’t feel at all guilty for doing your time with a mature man.


You might say that sponsor’s come with HIV/AIDS but so do campus men.So that is not really a reason to condemn a sponsor.But just to be safe please make sure that you use protection you can visit my article on tackling teen pregnancies to learn more Tackling teen pregnancy

In the unfortunate  case that you get pregnant,they can actually finance the abortion or help in bringing up the baby ,unlike this campus men that will deny the pregnancy as if the angel Gabriel gave it to you.

A young woman will usually not admit she has a sugar daddy since she knows she will be called a “whore/prostitute” and men will not admit he is a young woman’s sugar daddy because he knows he will be called a “dirty old man” for dating a young woman (even if he was once a boy toy. No male is immune to that smearing).So such a relationship is best put on the down low like hush hush,no one will know a 22 year old lady is dating a 51 year old man who earns  $60,000-$1,000,000 annually.As long as this stays between the two of you,no one will get slut shamed.


The campus man is a sorry excuse of a man and this could be the main reason the sponsor has been embraced. No one would want to deal with a child and disregard the man. I might be wrong but no one would choose headaches and broke sexual energy over maturity and financial stability.

But if you find a campus guy who is all good and stuff good for you keep him and love him unconditionally because they are rare to find.

AM just saying that girls with sponsors really don’t need to be judged,maybe this is how they view life.

Just as Robert Mugabe said,

“Make it clear

If you want a relationship make it clear.If sex is what you want just make it clear.If you just need to talk to someone when your partner is acting up just shoot clear.If you want him or her for money not love just make it clear. Do not complicate other’s life. Deception leads to complication. I rest my case.”


Don’t really let other people’s opinion determine your own,be independent and think outside the bubble created by society.

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