Is it OK to be gay?

I think gay affection and sex is normal.I fully support  pro-gay marriage and gay rights.

I am writing for the benefit of heterosexual folks who hope to use this article to understand their fears about being gay . No worries, my friend: If you are trying to understand yourself or someone close to you who is or might be gay, you are reading the right article.

Rule 1.If you say you are heterosexual then you are one.

Rule 2.There are no other rules


Coming out isn’t a moment, it’s a process; it’s freeing and it’s painful.Coming out isn’t always an act of self-liberation or a statement of pride.You might come out to your parents when you get into trouble and you want them to have pity on you,or you can also come out to  your friends when you have too many cans of beer and your mouth gets loose,or even come out to a boy who just came out to you, BUT the most important thing is to come out to yourself.

Having a sexual awakening is hard for anyone, but it is so much worse when you are fighting against yourself; when you are not just confused by your desires, but rather repulsed by them.


Don’t put so much pressure on yourself? It’s like, obviously different for every human, but it’s all about feeling good and IT IS SO HARD TO FEEL GOOD WHEN YOU’RE MAKING YOURSELF FEEL AWFUL.

Just know that there is no reason to pick a label, there is nothing to announce, there is no right or wrong way to do anything, there is no timeline, there is no box you have to jump into. What you’re doing right now, asking questions, is THE BEST PART. Right now you’re sitting at home thinking, “oh fuck, i do not align with the way society is trying to force me to align, what do i really want?” Since you haven’t figured out what you really want in life, you’re asking us. You want us to tell you, “do u think boobs are cool? OKAY YOU’RE GAY” but it’s not that simple. There is no question and answer guide. The figuring out part is the best part.

Take your time. If you’re finding out that you happen to be attracted to all different types of people, GO ON DATES WITH THEM ALL. Don’t hold yourself back from going out with someone just because you haven’t previously announced yourself as someone who dates a type of person… well… that’s a bad reason is all i’m saying.

You don’t come out to yourself. You slowly but surely figure out the things you want in life. You feel more and more comfortable going against everything people are trying to force you to feel. You’re starting to feel good. You’re FINALLY just STARTING to feel really, really good. Allow yourself the time. You’re doing everything right.

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