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sponsors over campus boyfriend’s

You are probably wondering whether i have lost my morality and sanity.To answer your question,NO am still hella sane.However my topic today is contradictory to the society's view of  what's right.In any case, Isn't what's right just what the majority decide's? Let me give you a brief comparison of a campus boyfriend and a sugar … Continue reading sponsors over campus boyfriend’s

Don’t hate me because am gay,hate me because i stole your girlfriend

So yesterday i got quite a response on my article Is it OK to be gay ? last article Some comments on Facebook and whats app gave me quite the chills,but i still stand on my opinion.Being gay is not a crime. Here are some of the comments i got; So what about religion, the … Continue reading Don’t hate me because am gay,hate me because i stole your girlfriend

Is it OK to be gay?

I think gay affection and sex is normal.I fully support  pro-gay marriage and gay rights. I am writing for the benefit of heterosexual folks who hope to use this article to understand their fears about being gay . No worries, my friend: If you are trying to understand yourself or someone close to you who … Continue reading Is it OK to be gay?

Safe medical abortion.

At a personal level i don't support abortion.However  am going to discuss methods one can consider when in need of  safe abortion. First it is very important to know that Abortion is out-lawed in Kenya. Constitution of Kenya (2010), Article 26(4) Article 26(4). Right to Life Abortion is not permitted unless, in the opinion of … Continue reading Safe medical abortion.

Am pregnant, now what?

On my last article i discussed on ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy.Today am going to major on options you have after realizing you are pregnant. If you think you are pregnant,it is definitely the right time to do a pregnancy test.You can do a pregnancy test from the first day you miss your periods. Doing … Continue reading Am pregnant, now what?

Tackling teen pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in females under the age of 20.This is can be the most nerve cracking feeling.First am going to talk about contraceptives.If you have decided to finally have sex with your boyfriend,it is very important to use protection to avoid infections and unwanted pregnancies.You personally need to feel free and carefully discus … Continue reading Tackling teen pregnancy