Lupita Nyong’o reveals she is HIV positive

Today i was going to write something about rape victims and stuff,but something better caught my eye as i was reading the latest news.For most of you who haven’t heard the claims,i REPEAT claims yet,the Mexican-born actress,that Kenyan idol Lupita Nyong’o declared on a radio station on Saturday that yes she is HIV positive.Claims from an American website

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Know your weed!

Weed,God’s gift to the world.If used wisely,brings peace.Easier to get if under 21.That sticky-icky that makes you high but doesn’t give you a reason to shoot your friend with a gun that you got from your parents bedroom(that’s bad parenting not pot).

That holy herb that has been proven safer than alcohol and cigarettes.Using pot rather than cigarette is a step to the right direction people!

I mean why drink and drive when you can chong and fly?

Have decided to write about that ‘African black’ today because most teens are using it and figured they should actually be informed fully before buying the product,its part of being a good consumer.

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sponsors over campus boyfriend’s

You are probably wondering whether i have lost my morality and sanity.To answer your question,NO am still hella sane.However my topic today is contradictory to the society’s view of  what’s right.In any case, Isn’t what’s right just what the majority decide’s?


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Don’t hate me because am gay,hate me because i stole your girlfriend

So yesterday i got quite a response on my article Is it OK to be gay ?

last article

Some comments on Facebook and whats app gave me quite the chills,but i still stand on my opinion.Being gay is not a crime.

Here are some of the comments i got;

  1. So what about religion, the law and the fact that the society is not ready to embrace gay relationships?
  2. I have respect for all individuals gay or straight …I think yeah everyone should be given their deserved humanly rights as possible …but when it comes to me …and my experiences with gays..especially gives me a turn off when they enter my space.
  3. About gay
    Am a little conservative
    I wouldn’t advocate for man to man relationships but i have no issue with girl to girl
  4. Sophie,are you homosexual?

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Is it OK to be gay?

I think gay affection and sex is normal.I fully support  pro-gay marriage and gay rights.

I am writing for the benefit of heterosexual folks who hope to use this article to understand their fears about being gay . No worries, my friend: If you are trying to understand yourself or someone close to you who is or might be gay, you are reading the right article.

Rule 1.If you say you are heterosexual then you are one.

Rule 2.There are no other rules

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Safe medical abortion.

At a personal level i don’t support abortion.However  am going to discuss methods one can consider when in need of  safe abortion.

First it is very important to know that Abortion is out-lawed in Kenya.

Constitution of Kenya (2010), Article 26(4)

Article 26(4). Right to Life

Abortion is not permitted unless, in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law.

Kenya’s abortion provision. Constitution Of Kenya

It is very hard to get this service in public or private hospitals.However you may have a few options Continue reading “Safe medical abortion.”

Am pregnant, now what?

On my last article i discussed on ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy.Today am going to major on options you have after realizing you are pregnant.

If you think you are pregnant,it is definitely the right time to do a pregnancy test.You can do a pregnancy test from the first day you miss your periods. Doing it earlier might give  you false results since the  human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG)  may be too low  meaning the result might be negative even though you are pregnant.

If you don’t know when your next period is due, the earliest time to do a test is three weeks (21 days) after unprotected sex.

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Tackling teen pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in females under the age of 20.This is can be the most nerve cracking feeling.First am going to talk about contraceptives.If you have decided to finally have sex with your boyfriend,it is very important to use protection to avoid infections and unwanted pregnancies.You personally need to feel free and carefully discus this topic with your partner because BOY’S DON’T GET PREGNANT.

Their are many methods for birth control but not all are ideal for teenagers.Each method

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What the site is all about

This site is about my experiences as a teenager. Whether you are a teen, tween, or simply someone with teenagers in your life, That Teen Life is the place to be. The teen years can be exciting, difficult, confusing and emotional with so much to learn and do. While I cannot tell you whether or not that cute boy in your 3rd hour class likes you, I can give you hints on how to approach him, what fashions are trendy, and how to know if he likes you through  informative articles have read about.