Things i wish i knew before 2017 begun.

Merry Christmas everybody (am kinda 2 days late but still in the festive mood ) So it's been a while since i last posted,that is thanks to my exams😣 but am back and planning to upload a minimum of 3 articles before the year ends so follow my blog and i promise not to disappoint. … Continue reading Things i wish i knew before 2017 begun.


Don’t know what to call this one but am thankful for every heartbreak.

Who was it that hurt you, Stole light out of your eyes? Who cut a hole in your heart, And let the love drain away? Who was so damn careless, To leave you with such scars? Where will you find healing? John mark green Like most of my readers already know, I have never been … Continue reading Don’t know what to call this one but am thankful for every heartbreak.

Pro choice or pro life?

Nancy was a young bright girl in Secondary school who had just joined form 3 with an above average score. She was pretty, with a light skin colour complexion , long hair , big bright eyes, a perfect smile and well, fully developed hips and bust. One fateful day while she was walking back home … Continue reading Pro choice or pro life?

How many heartbreaks will it take?

Three heart breaks..That is the number of heart breaks it took for me to give up on love. But i thank God because now i know better. I have learnt to wear two faces, one that focuses on the past and one that sees the future. I do not dwell on the present, mostly because … Continue reading How many heartbreaks will it take?

Dear hormones,

We need to talk. I am quite disappointed with your manners as a house guest. Let us not forget here that I am the one who invited you into my body. You clearly warming your way into my brain, tear ducts, mouth, heart and worst of all, my God damn bank account. It seems like … Continue reading Dear hormones,

Why stay single.

Dear single lady, I just needed a topic today that can talk to the single ladies out there, something real, something heartfelt and something I did experience when I went through my break up. For a lady, break ups can be tough, really tough and even tougher if you are a hopeless romantic. I actually … Continue reading Why stay single.

Love story.

[12/10, 11:18] Sophie: I don't know what happens every time i try falling in love🤔i just don' minute am the best thing in his life the next he's cheating on me or am cheating on him🤷🏼‍♀we break up, I get hurt(duuh) and in a matter of months am putting my heart on the line again … Continue reading Love story.

Confessions of a teenage drama queen.

A few days ago someone called me a full fledged drama queen!I did not disagree. Am a star in my own soap opera. I mean who else would be the star?Every event in my life is an epic drama. Criticism is my weapon of choice.I set high standards based on my own opinion in style, … Continue reading Confessions of a teenage drama queen.

GAY RIGHTS part 1.

PREAMBLE We, the people of Kenya— ACKNOWLEDGING the supremacy of the Almighty God of all creation: HONOURING those who heroically struggled to bring freedom and justice to our land: PROUD of our ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, and determined to live in peace and unity as one indivisible sovereign nation.... This is directly quoted from … Continue reading GAY RIGHTS part 1.

When did who you want to screw become the whole game?

The topic is a little alarming today so just to answer you guys in advance, NO AM NOT GOING THROUGH A BREAK UP OR ANY RELATIONSHIP CHALLENGE! Back to business, when did who you want to screw become the whole game?Love is a losing game nowadays actually.I watched a music video by Jhené Aiko - … Continue reading When did who you want to screw become the whole game?